Hey I'm Rob!

I’m intrigued by the challenge and purpose of an effective headshot. There is an interesting necessity of both art and utility. The task is simultaneously showing just how well you fit a particular breakdown while standing out from the others. This is where my passion for photography lies. I enjoy this process of creating art while discovering how we can emphasize your best qualities, both internal and external. It doesn’t have to be a daunting occurrence. We can do it!

The method seems to work best when you and I are present, light-hearted, relaxed, yet focused. This will seamlessly lend itself to creating striking images that will illuminate what you specifically have to offer and to solidify your brand.

Through experience and study, I have meticulously paired an easy-going, interactive workflow with industry leading cameras, lighting, lenses, and equipment. I have developed a process that effectively engages this experience and ultimately the viewers. Let’s do it!

RobShots Photography
North Hollywood, CA
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